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The Law Firm has always dealt with damages resulting from road accidents, in order to obtain the right and fair restoration of the damages suffered both through serious extrajudicial negotiations and, when necessary, with the appropriate judicial actions in order to be recognized all types of damage now crystallized by doctrine and jurisprudence (patrimonial, biological, temporary and moral disability but also, if necessary, damage from relationship life and, among others, from loss of chances).

It often happens that the victim of a road accident is not able to assess whether the compensation offered is appropriate or not and sometimes ends up accepting lower compensation than what the same insurance would have paid if a lawyer had intervened.

To balance the relationship between the injured party and the insurance company, it is always advisable to contact a lawyer experienced in the field to obtain the right restoration of the damages suffered, even more so in the case of large-scale damages, for which the so-called direct compensation procedure does not operate.